Violinist and Music Coordinator Antoine Silverman resides in New York City and performs and records daily. Antoine is performing the title role in Philip Glass’s opera “Einstein on the Beach”. The opera is currently on tour, with the next performance in Paris in January. Please click here for the tour schedule.

The Einstein trailer, as shown on “This American Life” NPR show:

On May 9, Opera Today said, “Antoine Silverman, as Einstein, was jaw-droppingly good. Dressed as Einstein and sitting on the corner of the stage, his violinistic pyrotechnics were magnificent.” To read the article in it’s entirety, click here.

On September 21, Seen and Heard International said, “The high point musically was the wildly virtuosic violin solos by Antoine Silverman”. To read this article in it’s entirety, click here.

On Oct 3, Pop Matters said, “Silverman played outstandingly at the Friday night performance”. To read this article in it’s entirety, click

On March 19, Le Figaro, the National newspaper of France, said about the performance, “...the violinist in the title role, Antoine Silverman, had dazzling lyricism.” To read the article in it’s entirety, click

On May 5, the Arts Desk said, “It's bursting at the seams with goings on. Trains and cranes and courts and lovers and guns and Einstein playing the violin (the superb Antoine Silverman) and dancers.” To read this article in it’s entirety, click here.

On June 14, Philip Glass asked Antoine to play a movement from “Einstein” for a benefit concert for the new Brooklyn performance space ISSUE Project Room. The Village Voice said of his performance “...Antoine Silverman's thrilling take on ‘Knee Play 4,’ an excerpt from Glass's hypnotic experimental opera Einstein on the Beach. The Brooklyn Academy of Music will be presenting a full production in September, but to see Silverman's display of virtuosity was a tantalizing preview.” To read the full article, click

Of the same concert, the New York Times said, “It turned out to be, frankly, fabulous... Interpreted by the violinist Antoine Silverman, who is playing/enacting/embodying the title role in the current world tour of “Einstein,” ‘Knee Play 4’ was even more pared down than usual, a Paganini caprice that conjured up Irish folk fiddling as much as Bach, without the calmly soaring male chorus that accompanies it in the opera.” To read this article in it’s entirety, click here.

Click on the link below to watch a clip from March 18, 2012. Einstein on the Beach, Montpellier:
Antoine Silverman as Einstein with the Philip Glass Ensemble


Antoine Silverman, hailed as one of New York City's premier concertmasters, music coordinators, and solo violinists, performs regularly as a jazz violinist, bluegrass fiddler, Broadway concertmaster and recording soloist.

Of his album
Blue Moods, The New York Times says, "Mr. Silverman displays a masterful and winning command of his instrument . . . [he] certainly deserves the spotlight it is afforded here."

Joel Roberts of All About Jazz says, "
Antoine Silverman's singular gifts as a musician, as well as his choice of the violin as his musical voice, lend his work both a freshness and a familiarity that reaches well beyond a traditional jazz audience."

Miles Jordan of Jazz Times says, "
I'm pleased to add this remarkable CD to my collection of jazz violinists and recommend that you do, too."

Dainon Moody of Pop Matters Review says, "
If you really strain your ears enough, you'll swear you can hear Ella singing softly. Strain a bit closer still and discover it's really his violin."

Einstein pic 1
March 19, 2012. Montpellier, France.